Terms of sale to assure a secure buy

Terms of sale to assure a secure buy

The Jewelry store Candido& Feraldi assures its visitors that the products described and published in  the site are detailed and updated.

The images of each product are true, even if for exposition reason, they can differ slight but not significant compared to the actual product, for example, in color, shape or size. The above can occur for reasons concerning an incorrect focusing on object, or for reasons of a photographic character.

How to order the product

After choosing a category of jewelry suitable for purchase, and after identifying the item you like, simply click on the image for more details on the descriptive specifications, construction and shipping.

When you have found the right article you can proceed with the purchase by following these simple steps:

- If you are buying a ring you must select at least one measure between 9 and 32, if you have problems knowing your size you can refer to the table on international measures attached in PDF format in the description of the ring selected.

- After selecting the measurement you can add the jewel to your cart by clicking on the "add to cart"

- After clicking on the "add to cart", you will see a message pop up where you will be shown the product you are buying. By clicking on the white button "View Shopping Cart" you will be directed to the registration page or authentication, if you are already a customer, alias Cart.

- On the registration or authentication (Cart) you can:

1) register

2) to login on an account that you have already created

3) proceed directly to the purchase, by entering only the billing and shipping.

If you already have an account and you can not remember your password click on "Forgot your password?" or if you are a new customer and want to register, continue with registration by clicking on "Register".

- Once you click on the button "Register" a registration form will offer  where you can enter all your data (personal data will be used only for the issuance of invoice and shipment of the item, the data of our customers can not be used for purposes other than billing and dispatching an item). Acceptance of the offer is also subject to notification using the tax code of the customer if required  by the Italian and European legislation. The communication of an incorrect tax code  will invalidate any transaction, an immediate cancellation of the order will occur and it will not give rise to any obligation between the parties.

- Once you have filled in all the required fields and after clicking on "continue", the cost of shipping is free in all the European Union and in many other non-EU countries including the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Canada and other.

- Once you have finished the recording and you are about to access the payment pages, you have two options: You can pay by credit card or debit card via the secure PayPal or you can pay by bank transfer, or cash directly to the courier upon delivery of goods, for amounts less than € 999.99.

Mode of Payment

Payment by credit card or debit card via PayPal:

If you choose to pay by credit card or debit card via the secure PayPal select "credit card / PayPal" and click on "continue" you will be redirected to the PayPal payment pages. Do not hesitate to use the Paypal site. In this way you can proceed with the purchase by credit card or prepaid card "protected" by the PayPal secure server. We can not see in any way the data of your card, you are on a secure server. "You will notice in big writing " Candido & Feraldi sas Feraldi Sergio "which is the name of our company; the corporate name with which was recorded our PayPal merchant account.

Payment by bank transfer:

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer click on "Bank Transfer" a page will open with all the data related to the purchase by bank transfer. Take note of our data bank and go to your or any other bank and make a transfer in our favour with the amount of jewelry chosen. In the payment enter "Buy Jewelry & Candido Feraldi.com". Once we receive the payment from the bank a payment code (CRO) that can communicate via e-mail to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., will serve to accelerate the procedures of shipping your order.

Cash on delivery:

You can pay by cash on delivery only for purchases not exceeding EUR 999.99.

Shipping and delivery times

After completing the payment you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. Later “e-mail purchase confirmation” will contact you to inform you on the day of shipment of the item, the name of the carrier and code tracking of your shipment (if  made available by the carrier encharged) through you can check in real time the evolution of delivery. The "Tracking" (for the traceability of the goods) is not managed by GioielliCandidoFeraldi.com therefore disclaims any responsibility for the actual availability, usability and correctness of the service itself.

Shipping is included in the price and travels with the formula "assured and guaranteed" against tampering and theft. In the case that the package containing the items was tampered with or lost / stolen you will be immediately refunded the entire amount spent, or, at your choice, you will receive a item identical to that ordered in a very short time. The shipment of the product is handled by Mail Boxes etc.

The withdrawal of each shipment must be made by an adult who will sign for receipt and acceptance in the hands of the carrier.

The shipping address is the one indicated by the customer during the online purchase, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

In no case shipping will be made to PO boxes, mail boxes and the like.

The customer is required to provide when ordering a valid phone number as a reference of the place where it is required to be delivered or the person in charge of collecting. In the absence of such a contact, or if  not existent or unreachable, GioielliCandidoFeraldi.com reserves the right not to proceed with the shipment of the order and will keep the goods for  the customer and immediately request the same integration of missing data for shipment.


CandidoFeraldi.com guarantees certificates and authenticity and includes a warranty, which contains all the technical characteristics of the jewel, the type of metal used, type of precious stones, carat weight, gram weight, color of the stones, purity, cutting etc. Some characteristics of the stones that make up the jewelry for sale on the site such as carat weight, shape, color and purity are  subject to minor changes such as an increase or decrease compared to what is stated in the respective analytical cards of the products. But to the extent that they do not cause any significant change to the overall value or the overall appearance of the property being transferred.

If such changes were such as to increase the total value of the jewel, no amount in cash adjustment will be required from the client.


All jewelry purchased is sent in a gift box at no extra charge. The packaging for jewelry products throughout 2015 will be those shown in one of the main sections of the “Home” for gold jewelry and watches. All the details related to packaging are widely described in one of the main sections of the homepage.

Individual offers

 Customers can request  quotes, even for substitution with another quality gemstone. For any info, just e-mail  or call GioielliCandidoFeraldi.com when using the phone number written in the contacts section of the homepage.

Rights of returns

According to ART.52 of the Consumer Code Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 issue 206, as amended by Legislative Decree no. 21/2014, the consumer has the right to be able to return the item purchased within 14 days from the time a person takes possession of the property.

To exercise the right of returns, the customer  may send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or registered mail to Candido & Feraldi sas Piazza S. Oliva N.37, 90141 Palermo.

The merchandise subject to return must be carefully packaged together with the package and the original warranty, then placed in a padded envelope of appropriate size and texture and sealed at the points that open with the personalized ribbon or, alternatively, with the normal tape wrapping signed sideways so that it is unique and not replaceable GioielliCandidoFeraldi.com reserves the right not to accept or to accept subject parcels that present visible damage and / or signs of tampering.

The envelope containing the package must  clearly show the name and address of the recipient and sender, as follows: Candido & Feraldi sas Piazza S.Oliva N.37, 90141 Palermo, Italy.

GioielliCandidoFeraldi.com will re-credit the amounts paid by the customer within 14 working days of receipt of the returned through the same means originally used for purchase. Other means of reimbursement different from the means of the original payment may be agreed as appropriate.

For secure reasons the envelope and any accompanying documentation should not show words like jewel, ring, gold, diamonds and / or similar words that can be traced back to the contents of the shipment (all for extra security in shipping). We encourage customers who choose to arrange return  shipment themselves, to privately insure the merchandise, because Candido&Feraldi will assume no responsibility in case of loss or theft.

The shipping costs in the event of termination of the contract of sale shall be borne by the customer. The rebate as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal is made in Euros. In the event that the original payment was made in another currency, the exchange rate used will be that of the day when the chargeback is issued with reference to the price in Euros of the asset to be made.

About the Company:

Candido & Feraldi sas Feraldi Sergio

Piazza S. Oliva, 37

90141 - Palermo

P. IVA: 06072650820

Registration Chamber of Commerce: PA 296223

License P.S. PA Cat. 14 E / 2012

Prices and VAT invoicing

The prices of the jewelry on  sales is in Euros; include VAT at the current value of the Italian state, if the buyer is resident Community EU within the limits of annual threshold. If the purchaser is a taxable person established Community EU, it will be issued excluding VAT as per art. 41, D. L. 331/93. Reverse charge to the buyer. The sale with destination outside the 'EU area, both for private individuals and for taxpayers, will follow the invoice excluding VAT as per art. 8 of Presidential Decree 633/72. In this case the customer agrees to assume full and sole of any customs duties, value added taxes, duties or charges of any nature due and required in the destination country, including the rights of returns.

For each shipment an invoice is issued or other equivalent document showing proof of purchase for warranty purposes and also to exercise of the right of return. Unless otherwise stated shipping costs are always included in the price and are charged to GioielliCandidoFeraldi.com.

Customers who are taxable are required to have the invoice and to communicate their VAT number when ordering via the specific record in a space called "order notes" or "messages" visible being completed order.