About us

The jewelry store Candido & Feraldi s.a.s. was born in Palermo in 2012, with an extensive experience in the field of the brothers Roberto and Rosario Candido, who managed for thirty years wholesale gold and jewelry and have been fortunate to have as a teacher their father Salvatore known by major industries such as "Toto Candido", a man highly regarded for his unique "savoir-faire", as well as for professionalism and competence.
Sergio Feraldi, who previously held the position of assistant to the sales and purchases, today takes the form of a shareholder and a director of the jewelry; he has also been working in the company since 2014 as marketing manager with Salvatore Candido who is Roberto’s son.

Our vision is to see satisfied customers wearing the jewelry that we offer to embellish every moment of their lives.
Our Mission is to sell quality jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, selected thanks to the expertise of the members and their high credibility, experience and expertise of our suppliers operating in the global sector.
Our approach to the sale follows a logic “Win-win”, this means that both the seller and the buyer come out winners from the negotiation of the sale. We have a lasting relationship with our customers with which is pleasant, complete and durable one. Every customer for us is unique and special, regardless of the amount they spend, regardless of the article they decide to buy.

The prices of our products, unlike many sites of e-commerce, are not exposed as low cost, since we know that the customer online selects carefully before buying and our commercial offer is value for money.
To make our jewelry, we make use of the professionalism of expert setters and goldsmiths not least, the process of selection of diamonds.

All the diamonds we have are not lower than color G and purity is not lower than VS2 (quality that at the moment is very rare indeed, given that today many brands treat color purity with H VS2-SI, with the aim of marginalizing more sales), because we want this for our customers the best that the market offers; mainly because it has always been best to advertise by word of mouth that is generated only when the buyer is satisfied and pleased with his purchase.

Every jewel we sell comes with a certificate of garantee showing the head of our company and the physical and technical characteristics of the product, as Candido & Feraldi sas considers right and proper that the customer is protected even after the act of purchase .
For further information regarding the various types of online payment, delivery times and for any returns of products if they do not comply with the expectations, the customer should see the section "conditions of sale and delivery", mail homepage.